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I design art quilts, table runners, table toppers, mug rugs, place mats, wall hangings, and quilts and sell them on Etsy. I sew from chosen patterns and well as create unique patterns for custom and commission work.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Still thinking

   I'm still doodling and completely frustrated.  A waited a few days for a product to arrive that would solve all my problems.  It only solved one of them.  I need an outline of something, but in enough detail that I need stabilizer and the ability to thread paint.  It's all in white and that is proving to be a problem as any marking seems to show. 
  I would like to use water soluble stabilizer on top of the fabric, but what do I mark the design with?  I seem to be missing something very important and my perusal of the quilting world on the internet is proving unsuccessful thus far.
  I want to do something amazing and can't find the right process to amaze myself with.  Boy, when I find the right product and success, I will shout from the rooftops!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If I come back, will I stay?

I want to maintain a blog and write wonderful things that will inspire both of us.  But it's the last month before the school year begins.  I will then be trying to work at the school and quilt.  What chance does my blog have?

I have a journey that is starting.  I have an idea for a custom quilt that multiple buyers could request.  But there are snags.  Deciding the final quilt that will be put up for sale and serve as an example for custom orders.  Getting it just perfect.  Knowing which quilt will be the most attractive to the most potential buyers.  Having part of the quilt the same so that I can do some parts of the quilt ahead.

It will have words.  How do I make the words consistently beautiful and stay true to my favorite quilt method of applique?  My applique is always raw edge which lends a kind of casualness to my work.  From a distance though, it can be quite beautiful.

Well, these are today's dilemmas.  What will I ask tomorrow?