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I design art quilts, table runners, table toppers, mug rugs, place mats, wall hangings, and quilts and sell them on Etsy. I sew from chosen patterns and well as create unique patterns for custom and commission work.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Well, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

I have been working on a really fun project and haven't taken a single picture or mentioned a word of it.  I have also been staring at a quilt for over a month and still don't have a clue how I want to quilt it.  I hope to make it over to my friend Linda of a maiden hair fern to get some inspiration from her.  She has done some wonderful projects on her HQ 16.

9 Aug 2013

My visit with Linda proved fruitful.  We visited awhile about shapes and ideas and she pointed out a few of my ideas that wouldn't work with the quilt.  She lead me to her Free Motion Quilting Pinterest Board and from there I began to piece together my ideas.

I have a domestic machine the Bernina 440QE.  I am timid about quilting and often resort to my walking foot to finish a project.  That's fine in the modern quilt era of straight line quilting or if you want to spend a lot of time moving the quilt around. 

I did FMQ a table topper last week.  Now I am letting my right shoulder rest from the last table topper I did.  My tendons hurt in a particular position.  I have leaves in the white spaces and a narrow swirl meander in the print fabric.  I washed it once so that the puckers are visible.  It irons very smoothly so whoever buys it has the option of smooth or puckered.

But I have been watching Leah Day's FMQ project and I am determined to become better at it.  I have been brave on small projects and baby quilts.  You can see them for sale (or sold) at my Etsy page called GrammiesInspirations.

Tomorrow I will add some pictures to this post.

Here let me at least show you a few mug rugs I made and quilted with my walking foot.