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I design art quilts, table runners, table toppers, mug rugs, place mats, wall hangings, and quilts and sell them on Etsy. I sew from chosen patterns and well as create unique patterns for custom and commission work.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Finish Something That's Difficult - NAM

I put aside the NAM quilt for about two weeks because something didn't come out right.  I read and re-read the directions.  I measured and re-measured all the pieces, but couldn't make it work.  So I put it down and made two quits and a pillow.

But this quilt has a deadline so I must pick it up again.  I think I have to accept that the directions were wrong.  This is hard for me because I want directions to be orderly and correct so I don't have to think about it.  A safe world.  Good grief.  Why would I think that?  No world is perfect or that orderly.

Thus my one week one challenge is to finish the next section of the NAM quilt.  I have blogged about it previously so some of you may have wondered why this thread disappeared of my blog.  But here it is again.